Pavel Houdek offers private lectures of reality based self-defense for individuals or small collectives.

You could follow original curriculum of standard classes, but I prefer to create individual curriculum according to your wishes and needs. Therefore we could focus on the specific area according to your preferences and achieve impressive results in very short time.

My self-defense system is a reality based one. That means it is designed for use in modern reality, for use in the real situations on the street, not in the sterile gym environment. We take into consideration kind of spaces we daily move and live in, be it bus, railway station, elevator or parking lot, environment and weather conditions such as dark, rain, steepy terrain, stairs… And we do not only consider it, we train for it. Reality based self-defense simply must work in any situation, not only in a gym.

We do not usually wear gym outfit in our daily lives.. We wear jacket, backpack, belt.. So we train to use these common objects as weapons. We also take into consideration law and learn how to deal with it after successful defense.

Physical part of modern self-defense of Pavel Houdek is based on combatives of World War II, modified for civilian use. It consist of a very few movements based on gross motor skills with very broad range of use. During training we go rather deep than wide both with motions and knowledge. We test everything in a stress environment during our reality-based scenarios.

Integral part of modern self-defense is pre-conflict and post-conflict phase, that is based on the latest scientific knowledge of various disciplines, such as psychology, criminology, sociology etc. Pre-conflict training include detection and prevention of criminal attack, conflict communication, negotiation etc. Post-conflict include safe retreat, hiding, calling for help, first-aid, dealing with law enforcement etc.

You can apply throughout the form on the right. I immediately contact you back for time and place set-up.