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It’s all about you

– when you need it: you choose the date and time
– where you need it: in our training centre in Letná
– what you need: the training plan is custom made to meet your wants and needs
– with whom: for individuals, couples, or small groups up to six people
We customise the private lessons plan after we learn what are your needs and requests. This approach allows us to focus on the areas you need, and the training plan is adapted for your specific situation. This way we can achieve significant improvement in a rather short time.
The usual training plan is 1 lesson (60 minutes) per week. However, if you are pressed for time, or if you want to improve faster, it is possible to agree to train more often. We can also make 2- or 3-hour sessions.

Standard forms of training

3h – mini-course – an introduction to the self-defence with a practical outcome that is immediately applicable. We will teach you the absolute groundwork of self-defence; at the end of this course, you will master them and will be able to use them right away. It can be completed in one session.
10h – basic course – the basic tools and processes of self-defence in different situations. This course follows the syllabus of the Basic course – self-defence in the city. You will learn how to defend yourself against attempted assault, take-downs, close-distance attacks, attacks from behind etc. We will drill all those scenarios so that your learnings are functional in a whole range of real-life situations.
20h – basic + advanced course – In addition to the basics, you will learn advanced self-defence tools, such as defence against attacks with a weapon (baton etc.), defence against a group of attackers, or using improvised weapons in self-defence.
50h – basic + advanced course + weapons – after mastering the advanced practices, we will focus on defence against knives and learning the usage of self-defence tools and weapons (telescopic baton, pepper spray etc.), plus other topics.
Apart from these standard forms of training, we can tailor the training to your personal request. All you need to do is to contact us and come to the first lesson.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on +420 724 762 976, or via this form.
Gift voucher: You can buy private lessons as a present for somebody – both individually and in packages. After your purchase, we can issue a personalized gift certificate in A4 format to print out and send it to you via email. If you want this certificate, please add a note “gift certificate” to your order.