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Vybrané reference

Pavel Houdek’s – Modern Self Defence Course for Beginners, provides an excellent introduction to this essential subject, which should form a vital part of everyone’s personal life training. The course provides the student with a rich balance of physical techniques, based upon the body’s natural responses to physical danger, together with a highly enlightening and invaluable insight into the psychological and physiological reactions of attackers and defenders alike. In between training the physical self defence techniques, Pavel and his expert team, who all speak excellent English, provide guidance on subjects such as, awareness of your surroundings, how to identify signs of suspicious behaviour and the likelihood of an attack together with simple avoidance techniques. However, in the case you have to defend yourself and potentially others, a set of simple, but highly effective blocking, evading and neutralising techniques based upon scenarios are taught, repeated and built upon throughout the course and practiced in stress induced real life simulations. This is a powerful way to learn. Albeit entry level, I fully recommend this a highly effective course in the art of self defence….

Mark O., manager

Vybrané reference

It has totally transformed the way I (and M.) look at self defence and I am really proud to see just how well M. coped and has gained such confidence…. The practical nature of the course to deal with everyday situations makes it superior to anything else I have come across, so bravo for that!!! – It was also great to see how our fellow student progressed over that period – a really great bunch of guys too…. likewise both Tomas and Bara as your assistants were fabulous and we really liked training with them.

Sebastian O., manager and father of M.